Meet Shevonna

CEO and founder, 22 yr old Shevonna also known as "Shevy", is a young lady from Brooklyn, New York. She has built her brand all while serving in the Air Force. Part of her life was spent in Guyana, South America where she resided with her family. Her father being from there and her mother from Grenada. Her Grandmother is from Trinidad and moved to Grenada. Her grandmother on her fathers' side is from Suriname and moved to Guyana. Incorporating all those factors into her lifestyle Shevonna is super Caribbean. She spent a lot of her time in the summer as a child migrating there and embracing the West Indian culture. Her background and logo for her brand has this representation with the four palm trees and flag. Her love for nature and both of her great grandparents being a big part of her life named Louisa gives her cosmetic line "Shevy Louisa Cosmetics."

Shevonna loves makeup, fashion, exotic beauty cosmetics and always had a passion for it in her daily life. So in the summer of 2020 she decided to follow her dreams and give everyone a taste of what quality in beauty should look and feel like. Catering to all cosmetic styles from accessories, sunglasses and lipglosses that are handmade, vegan and cruelty free. She studies her audience and is so precise to making sure she is giving them quality products. She aims to have her customers feel effortlessly gorgeous and fierce while wearing her products. Shevonna has plans to one day expand her business on an international and global level.